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Over two generations, our accountancy firm has forged a reputation and a positioning based on open-mindedness and technical excellence. We seek to understand your business and your concerns, to anticipate your needs, to help you with your strategic thinking, your management and your future development. All our employees share this ambition, namely to use their skills and know-how to work for the success of your projects.


In a constantly changing economic environment, our firm has succeeded in permanently adapting its team so as to be able to meet just as effectively and with the same degree of rigour, the needs of local clients, whether shopkeepers, tradesmen, SMEs or large groups.


We are therefore able to offer the solutions best adapted to the issues facing each type of business. The accounting, legal, employment or tax-related issues businesses face are often complex and can be very diverse depending on the type of activity.

Our role is to facilitate the day-to-day running of your business by placing our specialists at your disposal, under the responsibility of a chartered accountant who will manage and coordinate our multidisciplinary service offering.


High-quality work conducted with objectivity and professionalism forms the basis of our commitment to our clients and is the driving force behind our development, guaranteeing in professional ethics, transparency and confidentiality at all times.


It is thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the different economic sectors, our understanding of the way businesses work, and a symbiotic combination of experience and competence that we are able to build close, lasting, forward-looking relationships with our clients.

Olivier Duvilla

Our Team

  • Olivier Duvilla
    Certified Accountant Auditor
    Professional background
    • Paris Dauphine Graduate
    • Performance Management Master
    • Change Management and Strategy

    In addition to his traditional activity of accounting expertise and statutory auditing, Olivier DUVILLA acts as a consultant for creating, acquiring, selling or restructuring operations with national and international clients. Besides a great experience in both legal and tax issues on these financial operations, Olivier has developed – through business performance management – specific skills in management and change management strategies.

  • Nathalie Lopez
    Head of Legal Department
    Professional background
    • Business Law DEA
    • Business Law Masters Degree

    Specialized in business law, Nathalie LOPEZ works as legal and tax adviser to national clients in different fields of activity.

    Nathalie has extensive experience in corporate law issues, restructuring and merger operations, and has developed a specific expertise in businesses creation and transfer.

  • Frédéric Nouguier
    Office Manager, Béziers
    Professional background

    With an accounting and financial background, Frédéric NOUGUIER advises on accounting, financial and tax issues towards small and medium-sized businesses as well as groups of companies, in different fields of activity.

    Frédéric has extensive experience in setting up the accounting organization, in the preparation of annual accounts and has developed a specific expertise in matters of assistance in setting up a business and bank financing.

  • Hela Akremi
    Accounting Expertise Technical Director
    Professional background
    • Audit Control Accounting Master
    • IAE Lyon 3

    With an accounting and financial background, Hela AKREMI acts as a consultant on accounting, financial and tax issues towards small and medium-sized businesses as well as groups of companies in different fields of activity.

    In addition to extensive experience in setting up the accounting organisation and in preparing the annual accounts, Hela has developed a specific expertise in the areas of advice, management and monitoring of complex accounting operations.

  • Maïlys Donnarumma
    Digital Marketing
    Professional background
    • Business School Master
    • Major in Digital Marketing
    • Montpellier Business School

    Graduated from Montpellier Business School with a specialization in Digital Marketing, Maïlys DONNARUMMA supports our firm as Head of Digital and Institutional Communication to our customers.

    In addition to an extensive experience in digital marketing, from start-ups to large international groups, Maïlys is in charge of the digitalization of our services and the deployment of our solutions to our customers.

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Placing the emphasis on listening, close relations and responding to your needs, our multidisciplinary team offers you a wide range of services :
  • Accounting

    Take advantage of the accounting and tax management and transform your accounting missions into a management tool.

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  • Employment & Payroll services
    Employment & Payroll services

    Thanks to our team of social right experts, we offer you a permanent assistance to inform and advise you, simplifying and securing your daily life.

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  • Legal and Tax services
    Legal and Tax services

    Besides taking care of your legal secretary, we also support your company from the common tasks to the very specific legal operations.

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  • Management Consultancy
    Management Consultancy

    We provide an objective view of your situation regarding your professional and personal assets and help you to define and implement a satisfactory strategy.

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  • Financial Auditing
    Financial Auditing

    In perpetually shifting economic and financial environment, audit is not only a legal obligation; it guarantees you reliable, relevant and clear financial information.

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